SSL VS TLS Certificate

What is the best SSL or TLS and what is the difference between them

No difference whatsoever. They both refer to X.509 certificates, but nobody uses that name outside of technical contexts.

SSL and TLS can also refer to the protocol version of TLS (which doesn’t really have anything to do with the certificate), but you shouldn’t have to worry too much about that these days.


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i need to creat ssl certificate How to create it correctly in apache2.4 in windows 7

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This is the place to get started. Try not to get stuck in the "certbot configurator" Most direct options are Linux/Unix(ish) based .. Keep in mind that in the environment you have described, you might want to use a browser based acquisition for the certs... Take a look at the following if you're interested.

With a Browser you can obtain a certificate inside a web browser without installing additional software.

Here is yet another great resource from another local thread ..

Might get you closer to resolving your request..


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