SSL to buy for my website


Great, what does it offer?

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Can you recommend a website hosting that costs 5 euro or less, with a unique and user-friendly control panel?

self sign SSL or cloudflares but i need like let's encrypt as roblox won't accapt my that type of ssl and will just put tlsfailderror

We'll gladly help you in this community, in public, for your benefit and whoever's might read this thread in the future. Hiring us in private is... either pretty expensive or downright impossible. :smiley:


Do I need to pay for your SSL? Should I change host providers again or can I manually upload the SSL?

You don't need to pay us. You might donate to Let's Encrypt if you feel like it. Donate - Let's Encrypt

Now, tell us what happens if you go in your control panel and ask for a TLS certificate.


It dosen't allow me to request a ssl from other company is there like a web host that costs 5 euro or cheaper and that has let's encrypt ssl, only allows self sign or cloudflare, but it allows for me tu put my own sll private key and and CRT

There are several. There's a very big (and probably mostly outdated) list of hosting providers that support Let's Encrypt out of the box. A few are even free. It all depends on what you need.

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I need that i can have full control of my web like the cpanel that is V114, i need to be able to to have ftp, a support, and be able to manage it ealsy not like those website hosting that has complicated menu panel

I don't use shared hosting, sorry. But 5 euro/month gets you a vps on either hetzner or digitalocean.

Going from shared hosting to a vps is a big paradigm shift, tho.


am don't know how to host my web in a VPS

is there a way you could help me to get this ssl please

There are just too many ways to do this, and it depends on your system. I have no idea how to help you.


are you avalible for a call in google meets or discord or even message you in email?

Have you considered just using a free service like weebly? You can setup simple sites and blogs easily. Not much experience needed. The free account does not allow a custom domain name though. There are other similar services.

If you really need your own server you have a big learning curve. The certificate is only one part of that.


If cPanel lets you generate a CSR, you can use an ACME client to get a certificate manually.

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