Ssl stapling failing on reboot

My web server is (include version):
nginx 18.0.0

The operating system my web server runs on is (include version):
ubuntu 20.04 (x64 raspberry pi 4)

I can login to a root shell on my machine (yes or no, or I don’t know):

Not sure if anyone can help…
I’ve noticed that after a reboot if I check the status of nginx i get the error nginx: [warn] “ssl_stapling” ignored, host not found in OCSP responder “” in the certificate…"
I have the resolver IP address set, and the ssl_trusted_certificate set to chain.pem in my domains live folder of lets encrypt.
If I restart nginx and check the status it starts with no errors.
Does anyone have any ideas? (I’m far from an expert :slight_smile:)
Thanks in advance.

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Hi @ad84,

What's your resolver IP?

Have you tried to use dig @your resolver IP?

Can you try to see if the below fix works? (It's just a bunch of checks)

By the way, I'm not sure if that's a valid assumption, but double check your Nginx systemd file to make sure it starts after networking.


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Thanks for the reply.

I have the IPs set to my local DNS (another pi4) and my ISPs as backup. I’ve tried too. Was set to itself originally, which also works but not after a reboot.
I’d not tried the dig you suggested but have now and it gives an answer.

I’ll check you last link about starting after networking; I’m very new to all this, 6 months linux/pi - I’ll see what i can find out :slight_smile:

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Hi I checked the link:

I assume the “” is the part instructing nginx to start after networking…
i ran:
cat /lib/systemd/system/nginx.service | grep After
and got the output:
I guess this is instructing the same thing?

The only thing i haven’t tried is to extend the resolver timeout more? I have 10s set at the moment.

Thanks again for the help.

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I also don't have much Linux knowledge at this part, but I think it probably will work.

Can you try to remove the 10s timeout completely? (Just remove timeout interval)

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Thanks for the reply.
I’ve removed the timeout and it still throws the error after a reboot.
nginx still starts and I dont often reboot and very rarely get a power cut to force one so i may have to live with it.
Seems to be a pi problem (or maybe my router?) rather than ubuntu/nginx. I’ve just tired my other pi running nginx 1.14.2 on raspberry os and it does the same.

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Then i'm not quite sure what's the reason, sorry.

In that case, try to only restart nginx (don't restart your Pi) and see if that still gives an error.

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Thanks for the help.
Restarting nginx never gives the error. The error is only there the fist time nginx starts on after a reboot.

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I think this is a bug in nginx and/or your default systemd configuration but it’s possible that people on this forum don’t have the right expertise to diagnose it, unfortunately. You might be able to get more ideas from a different forum.

A workaround without solving the problem might be to create another startup task, or recurring task, to restart nginx once soon after each reboot.


Thanks for the reply.
I went with your work around idea - set a cron job to run as root seemed the easiest:
@reboot sleep 30 && sudo service nginx restart
This works fine.
Without the time delay it doesn’t work. You could most probably get away with less time, I’ve not tried :slight_smile:.


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