SSL not being assign

Hi to all this is my second post (newbie)
This is my setup.
I have NGNIX proxy manager setup on a RPI and it has docker whit nextcloud, all ready have a DNS pointing to this RPI that goes to nextcloud working (HTTPS). accesing thru IP and DNS. At my home.
Another PC (386x) working whit docker too and nextcloud accessing only thru te IP address of my local lan.
Have two DNS, and, on my RPI and NGINX both on the same PI, no problems to add host get certificates. Working find.
On (386x), is on my pc i can acceses nextcloud thru lan whit out problems, on NGNIX (RPI), I can add host, but when i try to get the ssl certificate i get internal error.
My question is can I get ssl, when the NGINX app is on not on te same lan segment?
Hope I make my question clear.
Thank you

Hi @jorgeg73

that's an internal configuration problem of your system.

You have to fix that problem before you can create a certificate.

Do that.

So it should work ?
any ideas?

You have root access. It's your job to start with a working port 80 / http.

Please read the basics:

ok thanks i will start reading

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