SSL for non-webservers

Been trying to read up through posts, but I didn’t so far find a definitive answer.
Is there a way to generate and autorenew certs if port 80 and 443 is used for a non-web application?
Yes I know this isn’t by standards, but I do have an application with an API running on those ports that doesnt have a regular web service thus no webroot to put files in.

I don’t want to script a stop and start on the service either.
So is there any way to request and autorenew certificates for this service then?


If your DNS host has an API that’s supported by an ACME client, you can use DNS validation instead.

Using cloudflare for DNS. Got a link handy for how to accomplish this on linux (using Debian, but any will be ok)?


My preferred client is, which does support cloudflare. See:

Thanks, easy and nice. Appriciate it :slight_smile:

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