So basically,

I'm using a DDNS address to stream my rasperry pi's camera feed to the web. I'm running MotioneyeOS and I would like to embed this on my website. Since my website only accepts HTTPS, I need an SSL certificate. Is it possible to assign an SSL to my DDNS server, and will solve my problem?

If so, how would I do this?

Cheers is the DDNS address

Hi @jedtrently,

Am I right to think that MotioneyeOS is a variant of Raspbian? Can you administer it like a Raspbian system and run Raspbian software on it?

Not quite. It's a Linux distribution as far as I know. I've tried to run basic commands through SSH but I keep receiving errors. Can't apt-get or anything

Raspbian is also a Linux distribution, based on Debian but specifically for use with Raspberry Pi's.

According to their Github Wiki page it's a Linux distribution based on BuildRoot. Not sure what is possible with that, but you might want to look at the client options and pick an ACME client with the least possible dependencies, for example, one of the clients in the "Bash" category.

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