Ssl error ubuntu 16.04 apache

Okay so i m getting this error : Client with the currently selected authenticator does not support any combination of challenges that will satisfy the CA.
i have read lots of threads regarding this and came to know something with apache or nginx plugin which is not supported now
now what i should do to get ssl working on my website ?
can anyone give me procedure get ssl working ?
i am using self hosted aws
Os : ubuntu 16.04
Server : Apache
php version 7

Certbot’s apache and nginx plugins aren’t unsupported - they’re just broken right now because the authentication method they used to depend on is disabled. They’re being updated to support a different authentication method.

Your options are:

  • Try the alternative commands as suggested here (remember to change --installer nginx to --installer apache and service nginx stop/start to service httpd/apache2 stop/start as appropriate)
  • Test the certbot fix that’s in progress here
  • Or if you can afford to wait a while, the fix should be officially released soon.

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