SSL certificate valid according to certbot but rejected due to expiration by browser

Hi, I'm hosting on Azure and for some reason, the browser (tried Firefox and Edge Mobile) alerts (Firefox)

The certificate for expired on 2/14/2022. 

But when I SSH into my server and check the certificate via sudo certbot certificates, the expiry date is shown to be 2022-04-15 instead (and therefore I cannot renew yet). I have no other webservers running there and only this one certificate. How could this happen and how do I fix it? Thanks!

Web server: uvicorn 0.15.0
Server OS: ubuntu 20.04
Hosting provider: MS Azure
I can login to a root shell on my machine: yes
I'm using a control panel: no
The version of my client is 1.23.0

Welcome @nutrx

Your server is sending the cert you created on Nov16 and not the most recent one as you show. I am not familiar with uvicorn server but you should check its SSL Certificate settings to ensure it points to the latest cert you created with certbot.

Common examples of why this happens:

  1. Server not restarted after new cert obtained
  2. A copy of the certbot cert is used in server config and the copy was not refreshed

Thanks a lot, that was it! I will try to configure the server to reload the certificate too.


You probably could use the --deploy-hook option of Certbot to run such a command. Please see the Certbot user documentation for more info.


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