SSL certificate HELP!

I was referred to this website to update my SSL certificate but I am still unclear on how to go about this process after taking a look at your website. Is there anything you can do to help me with my situation?

Well, you could start by answering the questions you were given when you started this topic. Or you could read the docs:

It does depend a lot on what type of server your website runs on, do you host it yourself in a virtual machine somewhere, what software did you use to get your certificate in the first place etc.

See if you can provide a bit more information and someone in the community may be able to help.

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I can totally empathize with your situation. From where did you get your SSL cert originally and how did you install it? Answering those questions can provide more information for the other more knowledgeable forum users to be able to begin investigating your problem. Is this the first time you've had to update it? How were you told you needed to update it?

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