SSL Cert for Aerohive?

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I am not sure where to start here…

I can create a CSR from the aerohive mangement portal but there is no server or anything.

Can I use letsencrypt with aerohive?

You can use the CSR to generate an certificate.For example, you could use, which is using a CSR, to get one. It requires some command line usage of openssl, but shouldn’t be to hard if one tries a bit. One can even use OpenSSL with Windows.

I have no issue creating the CSR, but I am lost as to were i enter that. I have no server to run the 90 day check… Can i just generate a 1,3 or 10 year cert?

Nope, Let’s Encrypt only offers certificates valid for 90 days. If automatic renewal isn’t practical for you, and manually renewing every couple of months is too much, then Let’s Encrypt won’t be an option, sorry.

Also, nobody offers 10 year certificates from a public CA any more, those were more or less phased out some years ago now. It looks as though sooner rather than later the maximum lifetime readily available to purchase will reduce to about two years.

Hi Eazypeazy

Review this chain as it covered most of what you are after :smiley:

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