SSL cerificate installed via virtualmin but not working


I just being installed Lets encrypt ssl certificate (domain: via the virtualmin web control.
Eventough all things seem to be executed correctly, when I try to access the website using ssl (, I get the following ssl error: ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

server info:
-ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS
-webpanel: virtualmin 5.04

Could you assist me to solve this problem?

Mohamed Belhassen

Hi @mohamed.belhassen, that error usually means that your web server is speaking unencrypted HTTP instead of encrypted HTTPS on port 443. Indeed, that is the case with your site, as you can see by looking at (that is, accessing the site via HTTP on port 443). This shouldn't work, but it does, and that in turn prevents people from accessing the site with HTTPS.

You'll need to find why the server is doing this (maybe someone more familiar with virtualmin has a theory about this).

Dear schoen,

Thank you for your clarification,
being a beginner in virtualmin, really I don’t know why this happens in my case.
I will expose my problem to virtualmine community.


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