SNI to ALPN migration help

I have ubuntu 16.04 running certbot 0.14.2
My webserver is nginx and since I didn’t like certbot touching my config files, I generated all my certs using this command:

certbot certonly --webroot --agree-tos -w /website/root/ --expand -d,

which is working fine without any issues so far.

I received the email and upgraded my certbot to version 0.28.0. Does certbot 0.28.0 take care of the issue by itself or should I do something more?

Hi @onicfox

if you use webroot, then the SNI - problem is irrelevant.

To use webroot, you need an open port 80, so all is done.

Ignore the mail.

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Thanks for the response. All good then :slight_smile:


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