Snap & certbot taking up too much space

Hello! Ever since I installed certbot (I just followed the install instructions because I don't understand the code), my server keeps telling me I have nodes 100% full. I don't know which things can be removed and which cannot if I want to keep my ssl certificates and keep them up to date, but this is annoying me that it's taking up so much space...

I am unfamiliar with shell coding, but know how to execute it if it's provided. Can anyone else me with what I can safely delete and the code needed to do it? (I'm on a HostGator dedicated server)

Many thanks!

Hi @amandapiasta, and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

None of that.

Please show the error messages.


That was why the screenshot of 100% capacity loopback devices was included.

@amandapiasta those loopback volumes are not going to pose any problem being "full". They are essentually image files that contain a file system that houses a snap app. They are stored on your promary volume /dev/sda1. Your system will not be using them as storage. You can think of them like a CD-ROM and safely ignore them when viewing disk capacity and utilization.


I'm familiar with SNAP and those volumes.
I'm just trying to ensure we are addressing the actual error messages they are encountering.

Is too vague for me :frowning:

I might have a solution for them, but I have to be sure they are what I think they might be.


I know that you know how snaps work. I'm rather certain that @amandapiasta hasn't learned that yet.

If there are additional errors being presented, hopefully your request to share them will be fulfilled.


This error message could have nothing to do with Certbot at all and perhaps (probably) those "100% used" from your screenshot for the loop devices (which already explained is as expected) is just a red herring.

We really need the (entire) context of the "100% nodes full" error message.


Hey guys thanks for your replies!
Yes, you're right - I don't know anything about this stuff - I'm a total noob.

Here's a screenshot of one of the errors I receive to my email almost daily:

I blocked out info that I think might be put me at risk (since I'm a noob haha), but if it's needed let me know.

I tried to access this stuff via FTP but no luck.
I tried googling the crap out of how to do SSH stuff and I was able to navigate to some of these, but no idea how to delete/copy/etc.

I believe that's 11.9KB which is actually pretty small ... but even so, I don't know if I should be concerned with this or simply turn off the notifications?

I did contact hostgator support and they said majority if my diskspace is being used up by backups, not this... so there's that but it's a separate issue.

Appreciate your thoughts, input and any help.

Notices about that for the loop devices mounted in /var/lib/snapd/ directory can safely be ignored. In fact, it would be a BAD thing if those snap loop devices weren't 100% full, as that would otherwise mean perfectly fine disk space would be wasted, as it would never be used anyway. So to NOT waste any space, the images which are mounted with those loop devices are "cropped" to the actual size used inside the image.


It looks like there's a link in the message to configure those alerts.

Snap images will always show as full, maybe there's an option to disable alerts? However you'll want to keep alerts on for your normal filesystem.


We don't get to see it in your picture:

But it seems to be there.


ok awesome thanks all for your responses! That makes this a much easier solution than I thought. I did not know that they cropped it to the size of the disk image so that makes a lot of sense.


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