Silence certbot only when no renewal was attemted

I run certbot renew via cron and I understand that I can silence the run with certbot renew --quiet. However I would like to only know when a renewal succeed and even more importantly when a renewal failed. What flags do I have to use here? Did not find relevant info.

Currently I filter the emails in case no renewal attempt was done by certbot but I feel doing the wrong thing for the right reason.

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I think your feedback would be welcome in certbot#7373, which seems to cover similar ground.


In other words: It is currently not possible.

Thanks a bunch for posting the link to the feature request. Will comment over there.

Have you considered using a post hook script?

You can create a simple script that sends you an email when a domain is renewed.

No, but I am not really a programmer so … Anyways thanks for the suggestion for pickup until a more direct feature was implemented.

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