Shouldn't "certbot-auto register" default to v02?

It seems to still default to v01 when I just tried.

Alternatively, some flags at the “register” action, such as --v01 , --v02 , --v02-staging as aliasses to the long “–server” etc. could be nice.
(hmm, is that currently existing “–staging” option just an alias for the staging-v02 --server option? then I guess the last of those 3 already exists…)

Hi @Marcovi,

@bmw or @schoen probably know more about the current state of things than I do but I believe the Certbot team are working towards making ACME v2 the default:

You still need to use the long --server if you want to use Certbot with the ACMEv2 production server for now.

Before we change the default, we wanted to implement which we blocked on and this boulder feature wasn’t enabled in production in time for our release yesterday.

Assuming no other problems come up, our plan is to change the default to ACMEv2 in our release next month.


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