Setting up Let’s Encrypt to Work With a Linode NodeBalancer


Hey guys,

I noticed some people on this site or others were having questions in configuring Let’s Encrypt behind some sort of proxy. Specifically for productized proxies such as a NodeBalancer. (This was the case in this thread).

I think the confusion stems from the fact that they cannot directly log into the NodeBalancer. Here’s how I got everything to work for my blog, which is behind a load-balancer.

Feel free to comment on my blog or here, I check both.

*I’m also still looking for a good solution to auto-updating the certs. This would still be a manual process.


Linode Node Balancer

Hopefully what you are looking for Ricardo… :smile:


That’s a great post but I have my certs on the NB. I’m moving over to custom load-balancers soon anyway so I guess I won’t have this issue anymore :slight_smile:
Thanks for the link.


I have the certs on the NodeBalancer as well, due to the SSL terminating there.

The script allows you to create the certs, then bundles them and adds them (via the linode-cli command line) directly into the config of the NodeBalancer automagically.

Have fun with your custom setup!



Definitely share your script with people. That sounds awesome.