Setting up Internal LAN Let's Encrypt Certificate Authority (CA)


I am running CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009 (Core). Is there a way to configure Let's Encrypt
Certificate Authority (CA) in CentOS 7 to create digital certificates for servers on LAN or for VPN clients that need SSL Certificates. for example.

Thanks in Advance. Please guide.

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Hi @kaushalshriyan

start with some required basics:

Then select a client

install the client and create certificates.

Setting up Internal LAN Let’s Encrypt Certificate Authority (CA)

Please explain. You can't create your own Sub CA.

If you want help, your domain name is required.

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@JuergenAuer Thanks for the detailed explanation. I have an internal FQDN DNS name which is mapped to IP:- ( LAN IP). Is there a way to enable SSL certs using Lets Encrypt CA?

Thanks in Advance. Please suggest further.

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Your question says: You didn't read the required basics. Please change that.

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Yes, but only if you "own" (can adjust public DNS records for) You'll be using the dns-01 challenge type and need to be able to create a TXT record for that is queryable from the Internet.


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