Seting up rsync to copy keys on failover (backup) server

This is a continuation of Seting up certificate on failover (backup) server but as it is closed I ap opening another thread, hope this is the correct thing to do.

So the upshot of the previous thread was I can run (from the failover server):

$ rsync -a mainserver:/etc/letsencrypt/. /etc/letsencrypt/.

And this will clone the directory, symlinks and all.

Which works great if the master server has not died. So just checking the best thing is to run the above after we run:

$ /root/certbot-auto --apache -d -w /var/www/html/

Or i guess if we do auto-renew from cron we would have a script that automatically does the above if the certificate is run.

Just double checking as I don’t want to break stuff;).

That looks good to me!

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