Service Restart After Cert Renew

I have a server that has web and mail services that need to be restarted/reloaded after the cert is renewed, so the service can pick up the new cert. Are there any hooks that do this now, or do I have to write my own?


You can use post validation hook…

The script is depend on what service you are using…

Normally you can find it on the web. (Just use --manual-cleanup-hook)

Thank you


If supported by your client/version, the –deploy-hook option is my preferred choice.
If NOT supported… then this may be reason enough to update your client - LOL


--deploy-hook is the recommended option for this. It’s documented here.

If you’re stuck with an older version of certbot, you might have --renew-hook which does almost the same thing as --deploy-hook (the main difference being it only runs on renewal, not on initial issuance).

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