Server migration from Windows to Linux

Hi, i want to migrate all my websites from Windows to Linux, what do i need to coppy to “etc/letdencrypt”?

For Windows i used “letsencrypt-win-simple”

How many websites / certs do you have ? As long as you aren’t going to hit the rate limit, I’d install certbot on the linux server and create new certs for all your domains.

Around 12 sites, Im kinda confused by what i need to transfear to the new server to get https to work, private key?

You can transfer the cert chain and private key - personally I’d just recreate them with certbot, with only 12 sites that will be fine.

@emcx, I don’t believe there is something you can just copy over because Certbot has its own representation of the renewal information, among other things. In principle all of the file formats can be converted but it would probably be quite a substantial amount of work.

(You can copy the certs and keys—you may need to convert from PFX to PEM—and then HTTPS should work fine until your existing cert expires, but if you wanted to use a Linux client’s renewal feature, then that requires setting up some additional configuration file structure.)


you would be much better to setup certbot on your linux machine and issue new certificates

there is no compatibility between various clients.

I have written a brief on how to get certbot to work on windows


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