Server 500 but certificate still issued


Just tested it… dry-run went okay, but with certonly I still get
Error: urn:acme:error:serverInternal :: The server experienced an internal error :: Error creating new cert

PS: I did not use renew since I’ve removed 1 domain… using renew I get
Error: Currently, the renew verb is only capable of renewing all installed certificates that are due to be renewed;…


The 500 error that people have been reporting never occurs in dryrun, as far as we know, only in production.


The change has been deployed to production, can you test again?


No change.
{"type":"urn:acme:error:serverInternal","detail":"Error creating new cert","status":500}


I’am now hiting the rate limit There were too many requests of a given type :: Error creating new cert :: Too many certificates already issued for: thus no cert have been successfully nor retrieved, nor push to Certificate Transparency for a month.

Only successfully issued certs should count in the rate-limit.


Got the same as Nit:

Error: urn:acme:error:rateLimited :: There were too many requests of a given type :: Error creating new cert :: Too many certificates already issued for: …


Yep, I’m hitting the limit too.


Haven’t tried yet, will save my tries for the next test)


Hi @nit, all,

Sorry for the troubles. We rolled out some production changes that caused an increase in latency, which in turn resulted in an increase in 500s due to timeouts. We’ve rolled back those changes for now.

The relevant certificates are stored in our database and logs. In the instance of, I’m investigating why they didn’t get originally logged to CT. For now I’ve logged them: @Nit, if you have your original keys you should be able to download one of those certs via the “certificate” link on its page, and use that.


So for now everything should work properly?


Works not for me, I wanted to expand my SANs, so I run with certonly and all SANs. It seems when I choose expanding and replacing the old cert there is used a new privkey. When I download the cert from and try to bind it in apache there is an startup error because privkey doesnt matches with the cert. :c

  1. If the bug has truly been fixed, would it be possible for you to temporarily increase the request limit so that those who ran into the bug without the original keys could retry without waiting for up to 7 days which could potentially be past the certificate’s expiration date?

  2. Why has this bug not existed on the staging server? We only run commands on the live server after verifying that they work on the staging server. Does this mean some development work is being pushed to production without also being pushed to the staging server?


Thanks, I was able to retrieve a valid (key, cert) couple.
I just will have to wait 7 days for issuing with the SAN for the other half of our domains, hopefully without any issue.


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Retrieving issued certificates from CT

Update on this topic: We found the issue that caused CT logging not to be retried right away for some certs and are working on a fix. We also have a committed fix for what we think was the core issue causing 500s. This should go out with Thursday’s release, at which time we’ll try again.

We always push code to staging before production. Unfortunately, staging will never be exactly like prod - it has different data in its DB, different query patterns, and different latencies between components. We always try to make staging as much like prod as possible, but this was a case where the differences meant this bug only showed up in prod.


I try to generate the certificate using which is a DNAME of and it works. So this issue is solved to me.

Thanks for the quick solving !


Just wanted to let you guys know: getting cert is working again, with 10 more names added (38 in total now).


Hi all,

I’m still experiencing similar problems. When issuing a whole bunch of certificates, it fails on a single domain with the internal server error but does issue the .pem file. Running the command certbot --apache --debug on the single domain this is the last part of the log. I’m a noobie and can’t seem to find the problem. I took out all the cryptograpic output and replaced it with redacted in the post below. Any help would be welcome!

    2017-09-11 17:18:22,223:INFO:certbot.auth_handler:Cleaning up challenges
2017-09-11 17:18:23,739:INFO:certbot.crypto_util:Generating key (2048 bits): /etc/letsencrypt/keys/0025_key-certbot.pem
2017-09-11 17:18:23,752:INFO:certbot.crypto_util:Creating CSR: /etc/letsencrypt/csr/0025_csr-certbot.pem
2017-09-11 17:18:23,752:DEBUG:certbot.client:CSR: CSR(file='/etc/letsencrypt/csr/0025_csr-certbot.pem', data='**redacted**'), domains: ['', '']
2017-09-11 17:18:23,753:DEBUG:acme.client:Requesting issuance...
2017-09-11 17:18:23,754:DEBUG:acme.client:JWS payload:
  "resource": "new-cert", 
  "csr": "**redacted**"
2017-09-11 17:18:23,766:DEBUG:root:Sending POST request to
  "header": {
    "alg": "RS256", 
    "jwk": {
      "e": "AQAB", 
      "kty": "RSA", 
      "n": "**redacted**"
  "protected": "**redacted**", 
  "payload": "**redacted**", 
  "signature": "**redacted**"
2017-09-11 17:18:26,531:DEBUG:requests.packages.urllib3.connectionpool:"POST /acme/new-cert HTTP/1.1" 500 101
2017-09-11 17:18:26,537:DEBUG:acme.client:Received response:
HTTP 500
Server: nginx
Content-Type: application/problem+json
Content-Length: 101
Boulder-Request-Id: ZzOCGMgKwzUBAwXRlRdxtNUosYnd1JMaLTW5ocidfo4
Boulder-Requester: 8125549
Replay-Nonce: tEkh_ku5vrNb4UFMDLAoWRuDU85cHB6puvsti_NGaEY
Expires: Mon, 11 Sep 2017 17:18:26 GMT
Cache-Control: max-age=0, no-cache, no-store
Pragma: no-cache
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2017 17:18:26 GMT
Connection: close

  "type": "urn:acme:error:serverInternal",
  "detail": "Error creating new cert",
  "status": 500
2017-09-11 17:18:26,539:DEBUG:acme.client:Storing nonce: tEkh_ku5vrNb4UFMDLAoWRuDU85cHB6puvsti_NGaEY
2017-09-11 17:18:26,541:DEBUG:certbot.main:Exiting abnormally:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/certbot", line 11, in <module>
    load_entry_point('certbot==0.10.2', 'console_scripts', 'certbot')()
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/certbot/", line 849, in main
    return config.func(config, plugins)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/certbot/", line 575, in run
    action, lineage = _auth_from_available(le_client, config, domains, certname)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/certbot/", line 107, in _auth_from_available
    lineage = le_client.obtain_and_enroll_certificate(domains, certname)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/certbot/", line 291, in obtain_and_enroll_certificate
    certr, chain, key, _ = self.obtain_certificate(domains)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/certbot/", line 272, in obtain_certificate
    return (self.obtain_certificate_from_csr(domains, csr, authzr=authzr)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/certbot/", line 243, in obtain_certificate_from_csr
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/acme/", line 318, in request_issuance
    headers={'Accept': content_type})
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/acme/", line 671, in post
    return self._post_once(*args, **kwargs)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/acme/", line 684, in _post_once
    return self._check_response(response, content_type=content_type)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/acme/", line 570, in _check_response
    raise messages.Error.from_json(jobj)
Error: urn:acme:error:serverInternal :: The server experienced an internal error :: Error creating new cert


@cpu, could you look at this new internal error?

@joeyboon, redacting this stuff is a very good intuition, but as it happens what you redacted is basically representations of your public key, which will be visible to everyone who connects to your server once the certificate is issued. An RSA private key has additional parameters p, q, and d, which do need to be kept totally secret, but which are never sent to the certificate authority. In Certbot, these parameters will all be stored in a PEM file called privkey.pem whose contents also should not be posted or shared anywhere.


Sure thing: This was a CAA “recheck” failure:

Rechecking CAA: DNS problem: SERVFAIL looking up CAA for

We only recently started checking CAA at issuance time when the original CAA lookup for the authorization is no longer considered usable by the baseline requirements. There was a bug with the recheck implementation that turned the failures into Internal Server Errors instead of a better error representation. We’ve fixed that bug but the fix hasn’t made its way to production yet.