Self Signed SSL Certificate For Nextcloud

I installed Nextcloud via a snap package and created a self signed SSL with Letsencrypt. Will it auto renew after 90 days? If not, how do i set it so it will?


Please define 'self-signed'..

According to the feedbacks from snap-nextcloud, you should be able to renew successfully if you setup all networking stuff correctly.

Thank you

that's all I could say, since you provide us the least information.

I used the guide from this site

You can’t get self-signed certificates from Let’s Encrypt. The certs from Let’s Encrypt are signed by the Let’s Encrypt Intermediate certificate.

So… Which option from the guide about SSL did you follow? One or two?

I used Option 2 in the guide.

So you didn’t get a Let’s Encrypt certificate. I have no clue if Nextcloud would renew such a certificate itself. Perhaps it generated a cert valid for 20 years, who knows?

So since you didn't use the option that uses Let's Encrypt, why are you asking on the Let's Encrypt forums?

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