SAN value is common for multiple websites

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My domain is:

I ran this command: To see the SAN values for my certificate installed on my domain.

It produced this output: I can see multiple domain names under SAN value like :, , . You could see them if you could open my website:
Also, I opened the website for and on this website I could see my domain name registered as a SAN value for the certificate issued for
Is this normal ? Am I missing something ? Is this supposed to happen ?

My hosting provider, if applicable, is: Google domains

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This is absolutely normal.
If you are using a shared hosting provider or decided to issue all domains under one certificate, this will happen.

You can choose to issue a certificate for each domain if you wish, but it’s optional and both options work.


By the way, CloudFlare also uses this strategy for their TLS certificates.

Also, Let’s Encrypt supports up to 100 hostnames in their certificates. It seems your hosting provider is trying to use the most out of this option.

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Is this safe ? Is this something I should worry about since I don’t own the other websites in the SAN of the certificate?

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It isn’t unsafe. No need to worry about it.


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