SAN renewal and invalid domain

Hi all,
I would like some clarifications on how the HTTP-based renewal of a certificate with multiple SAN is expected to work when some of the domain in the list are not available and/or not managed by my server anymore.

Premise: I read the thread here, but I see mixed (and unexptected) results.

Example: I obtain a certificate for, and via the following command: certbot certonly --webroot -w /var/www/html -d -d -d
When I obtained the certificate via HTTP challenge, all hostname where clearly managed by my server. After that, is deleted and is changed to point an external server that I do not control.

Now the strange part:

  • if I force a renewal re-executing certbot certonly --webroot -w /var/www/html -d -d -d, it seems to work without issues even if and can’t really be renewed via the HTTP challenge;
  • if I use add “–dry-run” to the command above, verification fails stating “Challenge failed for domain …”, as expected (and as suggested in the linked thread).

So, my questions:

  • why I see such different behavior?
  • are the hostnames/domains really checked via HTTP challenge during a renewal? If so, why a forced renewal succeeds?


Hi @shodanshok,

This is probably due to cached authorizations. When you successfully issue a certificate using Let’s Encrypt, your ACME account on the Let’s Encrypt service is marked as authorized for the subject domains, and those authorizations can be reused for a period of time without revalidating. That can allow you to skip validation checks if you request a related certificate soon after requesting the original certificate.

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Hi @schoen, thank you for the quick and detailed reply. This means that “–dry-run” fails because it explicitly bypassed the cached authorization, showing the outcome of a “true” renew, right?


Yes, using --dry-run is a good way to see what the real future renew behavior will be.

@schoen thank you so much for the direct confirmation.

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