Same or different account public key for multiple certifcates?



Are most people in favor of using a single account or multiple accounts for multiple certificates?

As a follow up can multiple accounts be created with the same email address?


I’m not aware of a particular preference either way. I’d be inclined to have a single account for each controlling entity (individual or organization), but I don’t really know of strong reasons for or against any particular scheme.



Personally, I go with one account per machine / server. One is enough IMO and one per machine ensures that keys aren’t shared that don’t have to be shared.


Is an email address on an account publicly available?


Not intentionally, no. However a mistake a little while back leaked some email addresses to other subscribers receiving an email.


In case it helps, I asked a similar question in the past and the suggestion was to use a single account.


Wonder if there is a pruning process in place to remove account not utilized for a certain period of time.


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