Same domain, 2 certificates, one certificate without the WWW and another certificate with WWW


I have a paid certificate with WWW:

I would like to redirect (without www) to

But I’m not able to configure a paid certificate in and another Let’s Encrypt certificate in the domain.

I just generated the LE certificate for (without the www)
When I configure the LE, the server considers the same certificate for both domains.
The same happens when I configure the paid certificate.

What am I doing wrong?

My server is a Windows 2016 Server, IIS 10,, mysql.

Thank you!

IIS won’t serve two certs for the same site.
You will need to separate the two names as two separate sites.
The WWW site can be served by the WWW cert.
The base site can be served by the base cert.


The question was the same IP.

I put an IP address for the domain with WWW and another IP address for the domain without WWW and it worked!

It works on the same website or on different websites.

Anyway, thank you!

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