Run nginx configure without renewal

Is it possible, to run the nginx plugin configure part without renewing (recreating) the cert?
I'm using LE with ansible and ansible recreates the site from scratch with the plain HTTP non-ssl configuration.

I run
certbot delete --cert-name ; certbot run --nginx -d
which works fine, it creates the appropriate ssl version and the redirect, but LE limits the maximum renewals for 5/week.

In a normal scenario one doesn't hit this limit because we only run ansible once when deploying, but I would like to omit delete/recreate of certs if the cert already exists.

How can I ask the nginx plugin, to do the site configuration without cerbot run?
certbot renew does not do the job


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Sure, just use the install subcommand.


aaand this saved my day, thanks!

it's sad, certbot's manual does not detail it.

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You might want to consider opening an issue on the Certbot github page (Issues · certbot/certbot · GitHub) after searching if there isn't an issue already.


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