Rewriting our Certification Practice Statement (CPS)

Let’s Encrypt Community,

We’ve decided to rewrite our CPS from scratch. The goals for the rewrite are:

  1. Make the document more clear, easier to read
  2. Manage the document in version control (github)
  3. Write in markdown so MS Word is not required, collaboration is easier
  4. Change the license to something much more open

The current draft can be found here:

If you’re able to read through the new CPS and offer feedback we’d appreciate it! You can respond here or file github issues.

Our current CPS is available here for comparison:

Once we’ve completed our CPS rewrite and have made it our official CPS we’ll start the process of similarly rewriting our CP.


Looks good! Definitely easier to understand and more precise on some policy issues.

I opened PRs for a couple of nitpicks.

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