Revoking a certificate (stupid version)

I was following this tutorial:,
and it worked: I had my https site online.

But then I decided to redo the tutorial with other settings, so I cleaned up (rm) everything and started back again, forgetting that certificates are sensitive things.

From my editor history, I can access to the certificate code:



But that’s pretty much all I have left.
Redoing the tutorial gets me to the point where I do this command

le issue /var/www/html 4096

(le is the name of the script used in the tutorial)
I get the following error:

Verify error:Error parsing key authorization file: Invalid key authorization: malformed token

I’m not sure what I should do at that point.
Revoking the offending certificate (but how?) and create a new one?

Since you are using le you should really ask @Neilpang, the author of that specific script.

I don’t think revoking the current certificate will make any difference with that error - so no I wouldn’t try and revoke it ( especially if you don’t have the private key anyway)

The error looks to be with the token which would be placed in

yes, in case you removed everything. you just need to issue a new one.
Just start from the beginning, and issue again.

No need to revoke.

Thanks, it worked. Actually, I was pointing the script on the wrong application (so stupid, how could I not see that…).