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Hello, I'm a beginner with SSL certificates and I'm seeking help on this forum because I've already done a lot of research and haven't been able to solve my issue. I have an EC2 server with an application using nginx. I used Certbot to generate a certificate for my domain However, I want to transfer my server to another EC2 machine as well. I would like to know if the best option is to reuse the certificate generated on the first machine or generate a new SSL certificate for the new machine (and revoke the old certificate). If I were to choose to use the same certificate, I would use the following commands on the new server: 'sudo snap install --classic certbot' and then 'sudo ln -s /snap/bin/certbot /usr/bin/certbot'. After running these commands, would I only need to copy the folder with my domain name from the old EC2 server, which contains the certificates generated by Certbot, to the new server? I'm concerned because when using the 'sudo certbot --nginx' command to create an SSL certificate, I imagine it creates auxiliary files or even essential security-related files/configurations. Therefore, if I were to only copy the folder created for my domain, I might miss these additional files/configurations generated by the command. Both machines are running Ubuntu 22.

Hi @arthurarp, and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

"best" is a very subjective term.

I think this community [its' members] could recommend steps based on your situation and our previous experience. How those recommendations rate would be up to you to decide.

I'd say, just install certbot and then copy the entire /etc/letsencrypt/ folder over to the new server.
[making sure that any symbolic links are copied as they are]
Make any necessary DNS changes and start using the new server.
Then you can delete that folder from the old server.
There should be no need to revoke any certs.


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