Requirement to install libffi is never stated

While trying to run letsencrypt-auto on OSX after installing homebrew, I was getting a failing program-- a mess of maybe 10 lines of error messages.

Unlike a configure script, letsencrypt-auto did not help me solve the problem of letsencrypt-auto failing in a mess.

This is just a note to whoever is developing letsencrypt-auto: It is easy to assume that this is completely broken software because it’s not stated clearly that libffi is vitally required. It is easy to become completely distracted by the error messages and try to solve the wrong problem to get this running. That wastes people’s time and makes them want to give up. If you put out software that wastes people’s time, even if they’re just spending their spare time which is worth $0/hour, it leaves a bad taste and discourages adoption.

Put this in the docs please:

Only after installing libffi will a curses UI even appear.

I took the liberty to make an issue and posted this here:


Thank you for that. What is spazzing? Where did that term originate?

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