Requested domain is not a FQDN [error]

I get the error message:

[xxx@xxx ~]$ letsencrypt certonly
Requested domain is not a FQDN

[xxx@xxx ~]$ letsencrypt renew
Requested domain is not a FQDN

What is exactly where tested?
The domain in the /renewal/…conf file or in the existing cert?
The existence and accessibility of the domain?

There is already a cert running over 80 days.
This is valid for the following domains:
(The realy domains have a hyphen)

The Subdomain has been removed a few weeks ago.

@slart, can you run with -v and see if you can get some more output from the renew command?

Did you or someone else edit the renewal configuration file (or perhaps cli.ini) to introduce or change a list of domains in one of those files?

The -v make not more output.

I have found the solution.
The Problem was a comma at the end of the domain-row in the /renewal/ and in the cli.ini file.

It is interesting to note, however, that the file /archive/full_cert.pem (realy full_cert2.pem) has been renewed.

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