Renewing 1 certificate in a different certificate store

I use wacs.exe to create certificates which works fine and renews them fine without problems.

The certificates are for web sites and renew into the Web Hosting certificate store as recommended.

However, I have 1 certificate for the mail server which works fine but needs to be in the Personal certificate store.

At the moment i have to set a reminder in my calendar to move this certificate manually into the Personal store once it has been renewed.

Is there a way to get just this certificate renewed in the Personal store or automate it so that once renewed it gets copied to the Personal store?


Hello @jhablecs,

I've never used wacs but checking the doc seems you can specify the store with parameter --certificatestore and use My as certificate store (in the doc it says it is the Personal store).

If left empty, certificates will be installed either in the WebHosting store, or if that is not available, the My store (better known as Personal ).

So if you issue your certificate adding this it should add the cert to the right store:

--store certificatestore --certificatestore My

Keep in mind I did not test it so if you have some doubts maybe you could open an issue to validate the right conf to solve your problem or you can wait till some community buddy with wacs knowledge take a look to this post :wink:

Good luck,

Thank you for your reply but I believe that is a Global setting. So you can either store in Personal or Web Hosting but not both. I want the web sites in Web Hosting but just this 1 in Personal

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