Renewer fullchain_path

I noticed, that in /etc/letsencrypt/renew the configs contain a fullchain_path, which points to the directory where the client was invoced when creating the certificate with /chain.pem appended.
For me this are quite a few different directories, which were not relevant for the certificate at all and may not even exist on the renewal. The chain.pem did not stay there, so i guess it was then moved by the client to /etc/letsencrypt/live.

Other settings with this path are cert_path and chain_path.

What will this do on renewal? Should i change all these paths to some meaningful existing folder?


Any inside on this?
I encountered the same problem when installing letsencrypt on Ubuntu 16.04 using:
letsencrypt certonly --webroot --webroot-path /home/…/htdocs --domain domainname --agree-tos --email
which, like I expected created the certs inside the ‘live’-folder.

But like posted the conf inside the ‘/etc/letsencrypt/renew’ folder contains /home/…/htdocs/ as fullchanin_path, cert_path and chain_path.
(cert, privkey, chain and fullchain at the beginning of the file got the proper paths)

So is this a bug and one should change all these paths to some meaningful existing folder, or is this a non-issue and can be left alone?