Renew Certificate Wildcard with not listed DNS providers

Hello. I want to continue this post:

What about if the DNS provider for automatic renewals is not listed?

I am using for DNS zones.


It seems DonDomino has an API:

I don’t see any English version of the site, so I would have to use Google Translate to make anything of it, but perhaps DonDomino uses a widely used API for which a generic plugin is available?

It seems the API is a custom one, build by DonDomino and for DonDomino only. You could write the appropriate scripts to communicate with the DonDomino API yourself and use them with the --manual plugin with --preferred-challenge dns and use two scripts (one for adding the required TXT record(s) and one to remove them again) with --manual-auth-hook and --manual-cleanup-hook (see Getting certificates (and choosing plugins): manual for more info about the manual plugin)

Hi @nacesprin

then you have to create manual the dns-entries.

If you want a single wildcard-certificate for * and, then you must create two txt- entries with the same name:

or only _acme-challenge (depends from your dns-provider).

There add the values

You could:

  1. Develop a plugin for your favorite ACME client, if you know the right programming language.

  2. Switch DNS providers. Some are free or cheap and provide good service.

  3. Use another DNS service in combination with your current one. If you delegate a subdomain to a different DNS provider, or run your own DNS server, perhaps using acme-dns, you can use that for Let’s Encrypt validation and your existing service for everything else.

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