Renew certificate SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP4

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My domain is:

I have an installed lets encrypt certificate and want to renew it. I have access to the ssh shell via putty and want to know an easy way to download the new certificate. Cerbot are not installed am I forced to install that or is it possible to retrieve the certificate using wget? Thanks Erik

You can renew a certificate on another machine (using DNS validation) then upload the files to the server, if you don't want certbot to be installed on that machine (or it's not compatible).

Certificate renewals are not just a download, they required are a domain validation process (ACME), so you need an ACME client to perform certificate renewals. Once you have your fresh certificate you can copy it wherever you need it (the certificate and the private key).

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It seems that name has been issued certificates for nine months.
How were those certs obtained?

Hi, I don´t know how it was downloaded since my colleagues are on vacation. Thats the reason for the question. The certificate expired 8 days ago. Since the Cerbot application are not installed on the server I suppose that it is another way to get a new certificate and renew it. Thanks Erik

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Certbot is just one of the many ACME clients out there. Wget isn't an ACME client and "speaking" ACME is required to get certificates from Let's Encrypt.

There have also been issued certificates for your hostname which are valid thru August 18th:

Perhaps you can use one of those. Now, I can guess your following question: "Where can I find those certificates?" But that is impossible to answer directly without knowing which ACME client was used to get those certificates in the first place.

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Thanks for the support! I found the script on the GIT hub and that will solve my issue.
Thanks again for the support! Ticket can be closed. Cheers Erik

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