Renew all Certificates

I have Certbot installed on Ubuntu 20.04 for Apache.

How can I renew all certificates that are about to expire?

Usually, certbot is installed such that it automatically regularly checks to see which certificates are about to expire and renews them.

If you run certbot certificates, you should see all the certificates that it's currently managing.

Running certbot renew will renew any that are about to expire, but that should generally just do the same thing as the scheduled task already does.


Hi @petercooperjr,

I saw that via root there are cron jobs scheduled, but I believe they are not working.
Because some certificates I created in 21 Sep are about to expire in 20 Dec, but so far they have not been renewed.

Well, you should be able to see the log of the scheduled task running in /var/log/letsencrypt/letsencrypt.log.

You can also run certbot renew --dry-run to have it try renewing in the staging environment. Probably that will show you whatever error is preventing a certificate from being generated.


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