Remove self-signed certificate

I have a new server (AWS Linux2) that I am configuring. To test my system, I created a self-signed certificate - all worked.

I then created an LE certificate - that also worked as expected.

When I run Qualys SSL Server test, it reports my LE certificate as #1 (with no errors) and then my self-signed certificate as #2 (with errors).

Whats the best way of removing the self-signed certificate? I tried the 'obvious' thing of removing SSLCertificateFile from ssl.conf, but apache then refuses to start.


Hi @bigdom

please show your output.

This is the output

There you see it, that's the "No SNI" certificate. Sent, if the browser doesn't support SNI.

That's the default certificate.

You can remove it (change it to your other certificate) or ignore it.

I’ll try that. Thanks

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