Remove rate limited for one domain

I am debugging certificate generation. Some how use a real domain (my mistake).

Right now, problem almost solved, thanks to the help from community. However the generation of new certificate for this domain has reach the rate limit, and I have to wait 7 days before reissue a new domain.

Is there an easy way to remove the rate limit for now? I just checking in case it is easy. It is not a problem for me to buy a digicert commercial ssl for this domain for now.

Thanks so much for your help.

No, rate limits cannot be removed manually or by user action. Also, if you have issued 5 certificates the last 7 days, can't you use one of those?

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There is a test/staging system dedicated for this exact purpose.

No. This is what happens when using a production system for testing.

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I've checked the certs you have issued and you could issue a new certificate right now covering both domains; and to "bypass" the rate limit.


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