"Remote" installation of Let's Encrypt


Hello everyone,

I had fun today setting up Let’s Encrypt on a few CentOS hosts.

However, I’m running some very application specific (minimal) Gentoo machines that I would like to create some certificates for. On running the client, I’m warned that Gentoo support is very experimental. In addition to this, I don’t think I can easily install Python dependencies on this machine.

Is there any way to run LE “remotely”? That is… Run the client application from another machine (such a CentOS host) than the one that I need the cert for: It could upload the required web validation file and certificate through SFTP.

I suppose one way of doing this would be with an NFS partition mount, but I would like to know if a more elegant solution exists.



You could use getssl, a bash client specifically written for this purpose ( it just needs you to have SSH access to the remote server)


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