Reinstall Lets encrypt on new server and certificates are still active

Have a general install question.

Have successfully installed LE on a Vhost vmware server called Server A with domain
The certificates for the domain are less than 60 days old, so still active.

Have shut down Server A and created a new Vmware server = Server B with a slightly different configuration.
I now need to reinstall LE on Server B and re-register on this server.

Both servers share the same Public IP.

Dependant on our testing and configuration we may:
Delete Server A and continue to us Server B
Delete Server B and restart Server A

We are trailing different configurations on these two servers and need to be able to restart either server, NOT both.

My Question is will reinstalling LE on Server B affect the original install on Server A?

Thanks in Advance.

No, certificates issued are just files: one issued certificate on server A won't interfere with another certificate on server B. The only thing you might run into are the rate limits: Rate Limits - Let's Encrypt

Thanks. Thats all I needed to know.
No Issue with rate limits for us, but good to know.

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