Redirecting Problems


Hello, I set up ownCloud on on my server with ddns with apache2 and I managed to get the certificate working, however I have a redirect problem now. During the configuration of certbot I set it to always redierct to HTTPS. My domain name is and when I put exactly that, it redirects to
Even redirects to the above

How do I fix this? In my apache2//sites-available/000-default-le-ssl.conf:

Edit: I don’t know why the formatting on here is odd when I paste the code so I put it on pastebin:

Before I had the certificate, I had Redirect permanent to but have since removed that because I read in another issue that certbot does that automatically


Could you post the other Apache configuration file(s) as well? The one you’ve posted now is just for Let’s Encrypt.

Also, ownCloud puts a .htaccess file in its document root. This contains some redirect stuff too.

I’m getting a login page when I surf to Did you fix it by any chance?


I asked someone else to check what went wrong by having them go to my site and it appeared to work for them, and now it’s working for you. It appears that I did fix it already and I just had to clear my cache.

Thank you for the prompt reply however! This may be off topic from letsencrypt, but what prevents the enduser from this kind of issue if they don’t know to clear their cache?


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