Redirect issue how to implement

I want to redirect as follows
how do i implement on letsencrypt system
my name server is on cloudflare ==>
thank you

There's no such thing as a "letsencrypt system". Let's Encrypt is a Certificate Authority which issues publicly valid suitable for implementation on webservers. It doesn't provide "systems".

Also, the hostnames and both don't seem to have Let's Encrypt certificates issued.

So frankly I'm a little bit puzzled what you're asking this Community exactly.

perhaps it is a wrong forum to ask
i have a legit domain running on letsecncrypt certs
want i want to do was have a new sub domain to point to
or is it dns issue
thanks a lot

Personally, I think this is the wrong forum indeed. Your question doesn't seem to be related to Let's Encrypt or perhaps a redirect set by certbot for example, but a generic redirect question.

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