Re-issuing the certificate after Deleting it by mistake from the Certificates store

Created with success my first LE SSL on Windows using WinCertes.exe.
Everything was perfect.

However, before i re-issue the same command line, i thought deleting the SSL from the Store, to avoid Duplicate SSL, as I am exploring the program
Since then, i am not able to re-generate a new SSL certificate on that host.
I tried revoking the certificate after the fact, but it was too late

Any recommendation on how to re-issue the SSL now ?

Thanks in advance

Can you provide more details on why you are not able to do it?

Any error messages?

No error messages at all.
It returns this message: “Scheduled Task “WinCertes - api” created successfully”

In fact it created the task in the Task Scheduler, but did NOT regenerate the SSL. As if it is validating somewhere that the SSL is generated and NOT expired, therefore not recreating it.

Here is the Command I sent:
“C:\Program Files\WinCertes\WinCertes.exe” -e -d -b “Default Web Site” -p

Thanks in advance

Perhaps you can force WinCertes to forget about the certificate by revoking it:

WinCertes.exe -d -r

or go diving in the registry key to remove evidence of it:


Thanks _az,

When I tried revoking the certificate, it was not successful, since it complained it did not find the Certificate Serial No i was trying to Revoke.

What I did, is went to the Registry as per your recommendation, to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WinCertes, and deleted all the values there.

Re-Ran the command to create SSL(WinCertes.exe -e -d -d -p) and all went well.

Thanks so much for your assistance

Pierre Namroud

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