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I see that speedtest.net is using lets encrypt for all of “its” servers. But one thing bothers me. Rate limits, acording to your rate limits https://letsencrypt.org/docs/rate-limits/ there is limit 50 new certificates per week per domain. But speedtest.net has aprox 8000 servers, each one with unique https certificate

https://www.speedtest.net/speedtest-servers-static.php each one in format server-{ID}.prod.hosts.ooklaserver.net

For example server-8140.prod.hosts.ooklaserver.net

So its true that speedtest.net had to create its certs for 3 years (8000/50/53) to be in that limit or has they some exception?

I would use it too.

Hi @adamhome

there is a Letsencrypt certificate.

But it's invalid, it has

DNS-Name: www.prontotelecom.com.br

as domain name.

But it's possible to create an exception.


If you are a large hosting provider or organization working on a Let’s Encrypt integration, we have a rate limiting form that can be used to request a higher rate limit. It takes a few weeks to process requests, so this form is not suitable if you just need to reset a rate limit faster than it resets on its own.

PS: Checking the Google CT-search:


There are 22.296 active Letsencrypt subdomain certificates.

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