Rate limits issue/request with domains used by large organizations

Currently, following what is described here: https://letsencrypt.org/docs/rate-limits/
a single domain can only register up to 20 certificates per week. This is, i feel, very reasonable for most domains, but there are some cases in which it can be a problem. I wonder whether letsencypt would consider modifying this policy and allow larger limits for specific domains.
I work for a large public university. we have many campuses and, at every campus, there are many departments, labs, projects etc… Every department, lab or project might be further subdivided into sub projects, programs, professors, students research projects, etc… Each one of these with its own website. I don’t have a definite number but i would not be surprised if all these separate websites add up to be 50,000 or so… all sub domains of the same main domain.edu all managed independently, hosted on separate locations, handled by separate tech departments etc…
For example my lab hosts about 200 separate sites of student projects all under a project.lab.campus.university.edu type of domains structure. Just by adding a few certificates for new projects we can prevent the entire university.edu from registering a new certificate and vice-versa, any other lab might do the same preventing us from setting a new certificate.
It would be great if letsencypt would consider increasing the limit for special cases like ours.
Thank you.

Fill out the rate limit adjustment form. :slight_smile:

It will probably take a few weeks, but they should say yes. As far as i know, there are other universities in similar situations that have had the rate limits adjusted.

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@mbattistella Seconding @mnordhoff's reply (thanks!) - Please make sure you fill out the form as completely as possible. Often folks will submit half the required information and then wonder later why there wasn't a reply. It's a very manual process and the person (singular!) processing the requests won't have time to follow up if the form is incomplete.


great! thank you all.

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