Rate limiting at an educational institution


AutoSSL currently supports Let’s Encrypt - it’s a option in cpanel / whm - see https://features.cpanel.net/topic/provide-support-for-lets-encrypt-automated-certificate-management-ssl

I use it on a number of servers, and it works really well.


Great add Serverco! It should be noted that cPanel’s AutoSSL Lets Encrypt support has very recently left closed beta and is not available unless you manually run a script (see link in post above) to add the requisite patches to the server host you administer. For most users, it will not be released as a selectable option within WHM until version 60:

From cPanel: “If all goes well, we will be adding this plugin to the list of plugins provided in the WHM interface in cPanel & WHM version 60.”

In any event, the Lets Encrypt domain rate limits are still honored - so for those of us who live in the site.lab.dept.uni.edu world there remains zero point in using it over cPanel’s default Comodo provider which does not utilize such limits.


@jsha Has there been any new discussion in the last 7 months about rate limiting for universities?

University of Maryland used to issue free certificates for any umd.edu subdomain from Digicert to anyone on campus, but it seems they may no longer be doing it, so the dozens of us who run our own servers on campus and are trying to use LE are running up against the rate limits very quickly.


@kohenkatz, universities have fairly commonly gotten exemptions from the rate limits, but the request needs to be submitted by a responsible party at the university.


Rate limit increase for university - clarification request

@schoen This is welcome news!

We filed an exemption request yesterday for the University of Alabama but have yet to receive any response. Fingers crossed we will hear back soon, as we would love to resume testing LE certificate availability within our College’s infrastructure as an alternative to cPanel’s default Comodo SSL.


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