Rate Limited (Pending Authorizations)

We use DirectAdmin to issue free LE SSLs to our hosting clients.

We have been rate limited (too many pending authorizations)

I’ve reviewed all of the tools mentioned in the community on clearing the rate limit by failing the pending requests, but DA doesn’t appear to have logs of these requests. Or at least I can’t find them.

Is there anyway we can get a listing of these pending requests from LE directly?

A magic URL like : https://acme-v01.api.letsencrypt.org/acme/authz/SHOW-ME-PENDING-REQUESTS/xxxxx

Or something along those lines?

I’ve asked DirectAdmin support for some insight but I don’t have anything that can help clear this rate limiting.



Hi @lightspeed

not from Letsencrypt, but @_az has such a tool:


Never used, so I don’t know how it works.

Too much pending authorizations -> the client is buggy.

So DirectAdmin should fix that.

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There isn’t one. If your DirectAdmin logs don’t contain the authz URLs, there’s no way to retrieve them.

Your other option is to delete your ACME account in DirectAdmin, forcing it to register a new one. But you’ll need to figure out where it stores it to do that.

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Ah - great temporary fix while we work with DA on a solution. I have removed the ACME account details in DA and now it has created a new account for me without the limits.



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Hopefully DirectAdmin can help you figure out what caused the leaking pending authorizations, otherwise you may find this new account will hit the same rate limit error after some time and you’ll be back at square one.

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