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I have reached the rate limit to create or renew certificates on my serveur. I am using WHM (cPanel) and here is what WHM support explained to me :

AutoSSL failed to create a new certificate order because the server’s Let’s Encrypt account has reached its rate limit on certificate orders. AutoSSL will defer further action until its next run. You may also contact Let’s Encrypt to request a change to this rate limit.

So is it possible to change this rate limit ?

Thank you for your help.



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It’s not advisable to request a rate limit change in this case. Changing the rate limit generally takes a few weeks to process, and justification has to be provided in writing.

By the time that happens, cPanel will have created certificates for all your domains anyway.

The relevant rate limit is 300 hours orders per 3 hours, so you just need to wait a few hours for the rest of your cPanel accounts to be processed. You also have the option of changing to the default Sectigo/Comodo AutoSSL provider, which does not have this kind of rate limit.

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OK, thank you very much for your help !

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