Rate limit for '/directory' reached

Hey there,

may I ask if there have been changes to the Rate Limits for "/directory"?
Using LE since several years within our SAAS CMS - without any Problems ... no changes to our LE Generator have been made but the last days I'm getting more and more of those Errors:

{"type": "urn:ietf:params:acme:error:rateLimited", "detail": "Rate limit for '/directory' reached"}

Not quite sure why they started to appear?
Our Generator runs max. 1 time per Minute ... so the 40 Requests / Second can't ever be reached?!?
How do debug?

Thank you, bye from Austria


really noone, nothing?
Seems like there were some weeks less of those Errors, but now getting some more again ...


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Check if you have some sort of retry policy, perhaps this error is hiding some other problem (like failed order). Alternatively you'd need to post a link to some source code to see what the problem is. I presume your system isn't sharing an IP address with a bunch of other things.

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Using a slightly modified Version of https://github.com/analogic/lescript integrated into our SAAS CMS.
Running on a dedicated IP - so I can rule out other activity on this IP.

Call to /directory is only fired once per run, and Script runs only 1 time per Minute.

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Thanks, yes I don't see anything obvious. I do see a comment regarding how it refreshes the 'nonce' value (https://github.com/analogic/lescript/blob/master/Lescript.php#L459) which implies it will re-query /directory but I don't know where/if it actually does that. As an experiment, add a 1 second delay in the curl get method before each request, see if that helps.

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